What We Grow


Our farm consists of over 20 acres of highbush blueberry bushes which are hand harvested to ensure the best quality. Each has its own unique differences. Our four delicious varieties of blueberries are a perfect whether for cooking, baking, preserves or fresh eating!
Blueray blueberry plant


Midseason, productive. Plants are vigorous, erect and fairly hardy. Fruit clusters are small and tight; berries are medium to dark blue, very large, firm, aromatic, with good flavor. Blossoms are reddish and fall leaf color is a medium dark red.

Contains high levels of Nutraceuticals, a substance providing a healthy benefit to the human body!

Bluecrop blueberry plant


Midseason, productive. Plants are vigorous, upright, open and hardy. Fruit clusters are loose; berries are light blue, large in size, very firm, with a good, slightly tart flavor. Fall leaf color is a medium dark red.

Bluecrop are great for preserves, baking, freezing, and fresh eating.

Elliot blueberry plant


This is the latest ripening berry . The fruit is medium size, firm light blue and has good flavor. The bush is vigorous, upright, winter hardy and productive.

Rich flavored fruits are tart in the beginning of the season but flavors change to pure sweetness as their fruits ripen in the coolness of Autumn

Bluejay blueberry plant


The Bluejay is our earliest variety of berry. The fruit is large and tasty with long stems. The bush is vigorous, upright and fast growing.

These berries have a sweet taste and a juicy texture and are most often used in the following ways:

  • Fresh Eating
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Preserves


garlic cloves

NEW! Falcon Blueberries are proud to announce that we now grow and sell garlic!

Music garlic has become one of the most popular hardneck garlic for chefs and garlic lovers around the world  – and sure to become a popular one in your home as well!
Music is a Porcelain variety of garlic, known for its huge cloves, medium spiciness, and easy-to-peel skins. With its true gourmet garlic flavour when cooked, it’s the perfect addition to many recipes, such as soups, sauces, dips, rubs and more.

EXCEPTIONAL blueberries and garlic with amazing pricing. Owners are WONDERFUL, very helpful and friendly. I recommend Falcon Blueberries to EVERYONE. Absolutely worth the scenic and bucolic drive.

If you have any questions, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!