Ready Picked Blueberries

Not able to pick your own berries? No problem...

Falcon Blueberries has plenty of blueberries already picked! Whether you’d like to stock up on some delicious berries while they’re fresh or you’d like to buy them frozen for the future, you can’t go wrong. 


Fresh Picked and Ready For You…

When you haven’t the time or are unable to pick our blueberries yourself, Falcon Blueberries has them fresh and ready for you! We offer the following package sizes, price and payment options for our blueberries which are picked at their peak of ripeness for your enjoyment.


$4.50 per pint
$8.00 two pints
$40.00 six quart basket or flat (12 X1 pint)

WE ACCEPT: Cash, cheque and etransfer

Want Tips for Fresh Blueberries?

package of frozen blueberries


Eat Local Even in The Winter…

Stock up on frozen blueberries for those long months where blueberries are not in season. At Falcon Blueberries, we handpick and freeze within 24-hours of harvest to preserve their delicious flavour and nutrients. That way, when you have them at a future time, they’ll taste like they were just picked!


$20.00 / 5 lb Box
$40.00 / 10 lb Box

WE ACCEPT: Cash, cheque and etransfer

Want Tips for Frozen Blueberries?

“Cheaper than the stores too. You can get a lots of weeks/month amount for $38 compared to $10 for a small box at Costco…and you’re also supporting local business!”

If you have any questions, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!